Why is Real Estate Marketing So Important?

Real estate marketing is more important than ever. If the past couple years aren’t a good enough indicator, real estate has been in a sorry state of affairs. Foreclosures and falling prices have been happening everywhere and many think we haven’t seen the end. And although the sting has been felt across all sectors and demographics, the luxury real estate market hasn’t been affected as badly. Why? Because most of the wealthy out there are pretty smart about these economic downturns; they realize it’s a natural occurrence that happens cyclically. Many of them have been savvy enough to put their money in other investments, others are holding for the long term and realize we’ll come out of this recessionary period at some point. But if you are a luxury condo or home developer you still need to market your property, more so in today’s economic climate. It’s a buyer’s market after all. The wealthy have choices – more now than ever. And if you’ve had past success in selling out your properties, you may think it will be just as easy this time around. Guess again. Why is it so important to market your real estate? Let’s get into it.The first reason why real estate marketing and promoting your development are so important is because your prospects expect it. Imagine for a second if you had no brochures, flyers, website or direct mail offers. Where would that leave you? Of course, no professional developer anywhere is going to make that mistake. The point is this: it’s not just important to have this marketing collateral, but to ensure that it’s attractive, compelling and gets your prospects to take action. Be sure to review it to make sure it does. Look at your competitor’s collateral. Your future clients expect to see these materials and – to be sold to.The next reason (that we mentioned briefly above) is the ultra competitive marketplace. There are beautiful developments competing directly with yours in gorgeous places like the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii. How does yours stack up? Real estate marketing – smart property marketing – is absolutely critical when you are faced with fifty other properties just as incredible as yours. What is smart marketing? It’s doing the research, outsourcing to the best firms, using online marketing techniques to the max and generally approaching the entire campaign like its warfare. You have some very smart minds out there doing the same things you are. It’s your job to get to the buyers before they do. With the right mindset and your arsenal of marketing tools, it can be done.The other reasons:

You want your buyers to pay top dollar – better selling can bring a higher price.

It compliments the sales process – marketing and sales go hand in hand.

It builds your prospect database so you can continue to market to them in the future.

It ensures future sales for new developments.

You are appealing to peoples hopes and dreams, buying property is an emotional experience – the right real estate marketing can help you connect with this aspect.

It builds market share and your brand – two very important pieces of the puzzle
Why is marketing your real estate so important? Because it puts your development on the map. It helps you connect with those individuals and families who could, over time, become lifelong clients. And isn’t that what it’s all about?Get started with a comprehensive real estate marketing plan for your condo or luxury home development.

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Malaises That Make Life Insurance Hard to Get

You might consider that obtaining life insurance is very easy. All you need to do to get an insurance is to fill up a proposal and submit the requisite documentation. The underwriters at the insurance company will do the rest. Alternatively, if you do not want to exert yourself too much, you could consider visiting your insurance advisor. The advisor will give you various options for obtaining life insurance. Most perspicacious insurance advisors will also advise their clients about the pros and cons associated with each policy. Depending on the client’s requirements, the advisor will recommend a life insurance policy. The advisor will submit the proposal to the insurance company, with the relevant documents. However, did you know that not everyone is as lucky when it comes to obtaining life insurance? Several people keep receiving rejections every time they apply. Further, these people do not possess habits injurious to health i.e. smoking or excessive consumption of alcohol either. Neither do they work in hazardous occupations. Despite this, finding life insurance remains an uphill task for them. What makes it worse is that these people need life insurance more than regular human beings.Certain malaises impact a person’s insurability quotient. The inherent risk posed by these ailments makes insurance companies reject their proposals for insurance. However, the fact remains that these individuals are as normal as anyone else is. While they are not risk-free individuals, their ailments do not restrict them from leading normal lives otherwise. Bipolar disorders are an example of such ailments.An individual approaches an insurance company and admits to suffering from a bipolar disorder. Insurers have a tendency to believe their voluminous database of statistics. According to these statistics, anyone who suffers from a bipolar disorder will commit suicide. Hence, they do not provide bipolar insurance to anyone having this malaise. However, they overlook the fact that there are two types of bipolar disorders i.e. I and II. Bipolar Disorder I is more serious than Bipolar Disorder II. Anyone suffering from Bipolar Disorder I will pose a higher risk. However, an individual suffering from Bipolar Disorder I can obtain bipolar life insurance. Certain insurance companies will consider providing insurance if the individual can prove that:• The ailment is well controlled and,
• The individual does not have a history of demonstrating any serious behavioral traits or suicidal tendenciesBipolar Disorder II is a less volatile disease than Bipolar Disorder I. While the latter can remain a risk throughout life, the former can produce excellent results, if controlled properly.Another malady that insurance companies avoid is melanoma. These insurers will usually reject any proposal for melanoma life insurance. Usually found on the skin, melanoma can also occur in the eye. Doctors regard it as one of the most malignant forms of skin cancer. The human body comprises certain skin cells that give the skin its colour i.e. melanocytes. By producing melanin, melanocytes protect the deeper layers of the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. In certain cases, the skin could absorb a lot of ultraviolet radiation. This would make the melanocytes produce an excess of melanin. Eventually, the melanocytes will grow abnormally, thereby resulting in cancer. This explains why melanoma life insurance is hard to obtain.However, this does not mean that no life insurance company provides cover to people suffering from melanoma. If the individual can provide information pertaining to their diagnosis, insurers will reconsider the proposal. Such information includes details like the:• Age of the individual at the time of diagnosis of melanoma
• Number of years since the diagnosis
• Size of the tumor
• Presence of metastasis
• Presence or evidence of ulceration
• Stage and grade of cancer
• Recurrence of cancer after treatment, if applicableBased on similar information, insurance companies can provide insurance cover to people suffering from this disease.At Special Risk Managers (Sydney, NSW), we know that finding life insurance as a high-risk individual is difficult. Yet, such people need life insurance more than “healthy” individuals do. Hence, we set about providing a specialized service aimed at providing insurance to these individuals. An exclusive arrangement with a like-minded international reinsurance company enables us to provide angina insurance, bowel insurance, overweight insurance and murmur insurance. Thus, if you have tried to obtain an insurance everywhere and failed, give us a call at +1300 66 53 56. With us at your side, finding insurance will not be a problem.

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There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


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Make Use of Your Digital Photos, With Photo Canvas Prints

Digital Camera’s are great for taking photos to your hearts content, without having to worry about having films processed. But – what do you do with your digital photographs?If you’re like most people – they’re all sitting either on your camera’s memory card, or on the hard drive of your PC, or on disks.What good is a great photograph sitting on a memory stick, data card or hard disk drive?One of the great technologies that has been developed over the past few years, is digital printing technologies which allow digital images, including photos, to be printed onto a range of unique photo gift ideas, including canvas prints.Coupled with the fact that most of us struggle to come up with good gift ideas, utilising digital photographs by turning them into high quality canvas prints, is a great way to use the digital photo’s many of us never get any use or enjoyment out of – while helping us to come up with unique gift ideas.Just a few examples of special photos which make great canvas prints:- Wedding pictures
- Stag party photos
- Hen party photos
- Holiday pictures
- Baby photos
- Family photos
- Pet photosIt doesn’t have to be a gift for someone else – why not go through your digital photos to find the best ones, and have them turned into high quality canvas prints to be hung in your home or office?The other great thing about photo canvas prints, is that they can be printed to any size you like – you don’t have to go for a standard image size, just measure the space you wish to hang the canvas, and request a canvas print at this size.Looking around your home, or office, are there any big wall spaces that are missing something – that a stunning looking photo canvas would look perfect in?

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8 Things To Think About If You’re Considering Self-Employment

Is self employment for you? Perhaps you’ve lost your job or you’re facing redundancy and think self-employment is the answer. Or maybe you just woke up on a grey, cold Monday morning and thought “why don’t I give it all up and work for myself?”If you are considering self-employment, you’re not alone. Around 300,000 people are likely to take the plunge and turn self-employed in the UK this year, according to the Federation of Small Businesses.Sadly, figures also show that three out of five of those businesses are likely to fail within the first three years. So how can you be sure that self-employment is for you and that if you take the plunge, you will be one of the people whose business succeeds?Obviously there are the usual considerations that appear on any self-employment checklist – factors such as writing a business plan, choosing an accountant, deciding whether you should be a limited company or a sole trader etc.But I’m talking about some of the more fundamental psychological considerations that make the difference between success and failure. When I made my own transition to self-employment three years ago I was lucky enough to benefit from a unique research project carried out by Cathy Brown in conjunction with Birkbeck College, University London. Cathy looked at those who had already successfully made the transition to self-employment and identified that there are 8 key factors that are important to focus on in order to make that transition easier and more successful. The following questions will help you begin to think through those 8 factors:
Is there enough of a push to move you from your current situation? People who move successfully into self employment have a degree of restlessness with their current situation. In other words, you’re likely to be frustrated with how things are right now, enough to motivate you to want to change and set up your business.
Do you have a passion, not only for the work you do but for turning it into a business? If you’re passionate about what you do you’ll find it easier to ride the waves of change and keep going when starting out. You’ll also find that others will be attracted to your passion and will be more likely to help you make your business a success.
Do you have a clear vision for what you want to achieve both commercially and personally? In answering this question you need to think through the commercial aspects of your business proposition i.e. what the business is going to offer, to which customer groups and to which geographical markets. But you also need to think about what success look like for you as an individual. Is it about earning a certain amount of revenue, having independence and autonomy, working certain hours or days of the week, all of the above or something completely different?
How well do you know yourself and how to manage your energy levels and emotions? You need to know yourself well enough to know what you can do to stay motivated and energised. For example, do you like working on your own or do you prefer to have lots of people around. If you’re an extraverted gregarious type you may find days of working alone at home sap your energy and motivation so you may need to develop strategies (such as meeting a friend for lunch) to keep your energy and motivation high so that you are set up for success.
Do you believe in yourself? Are you confident in your own abilities? To move successfully into self-employment you need to believe in yourself, your capability and your ability to make things happen. In essence, you need to know you can make it a success whatever happens.
How much personal drive do you have to keep going even when things get tough? Research shows that people who move successfully into self-employment are focused on continually improving what they do and learning how things could be better; resilient when the going gets tough and personally driven to keep going at all times
What about your financial buoyancy? Do you have plans in place to guarantee some form of a positive cash flow or income stream during your transition? This could be achieved through a range of means e.g. savings, redundancy payment, financial support from a partner, part-time job etc. A general rule of thumb is that people feel that they need a financial lump sum that covered six months of living expenses.
How good is your support network? To make a success of self-employment you need a well-established network of contacts that can provide different types of support at different times. People typically need three types of support – (1) Practical support such as child-care, help with household chores etc (2) Technical support in areas outside of your expertise such as IT, finance or some other discipline that is an absolute necessity but a complete mystery to you and (3) Emotional support from people close to you who can help you through the tough times.

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